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Antiques & Fine Art Nearby

Stay at The Maple Shade Mansion and take a fun shopping excursion around the local area. 

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The Chris Moose Store

Antique store owners, Chris and Sam breathed new life and charm into what was once a neighborhood grocery store with their large array of vintage and antique collectibles, as well as modern treasures.  Known for their keen eye for decorating and appreciation of all things unique – Chris Moose has 3 full rooms of excellent quality finds.

Address:  1512 Main Street, Brockway (2 blocks from Mansion)

Open:  SATURDAYS 8am-5pm.  Or by appointment.  

Hazen Flea Market
Hazen Flea Market

A short car ride from Brockway, PA the Hazen Flea Market (located in Warsaw Township) has been in business for over 40 years.  Open Saturdays and Sundays, May – October.  

The outdoor flea market boasts over 700 vendors across a wide range of categories including vintage goods, antiques, clothing, crafts, food and more.  

Winkler Gallery
Winkler Gallery and Art Education Center

Enjoyed by locals and visitors alike, the Winkler Gallery is a cooperative that provides spaces for artists around the region to work, learn, teach, exhibit and sell their master pieces. Address: 36 North Brady Street (2nd Floor), DuBois, PA 15801.

(814) 375-5834